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If you send marketing campaigns, newsletters, or mass emails to your users, then you should set up an external SMTP. It's not suggested to send these campaigns using the server SMTP, because it'll cause your email to be landed in a spam folder. And also, all our servers have a limit to send up to 50 or 100 emails per hour. So, it's better to use external SMTP, and also, it's easy to set up on your WordPress sites. So, let's get started!

Most of the providers like SendGrid, Sendinblue, AWS offer free SMTP Services with limits or you may purchase plans/credits to send emails without any limits.

You need to install the free plugin to set up SMTP on your site. For this, log in to your site and click on Add New under the Plugins section.

Now, search for WP Mail SMTP and Install the plugin.

Once you've activated the plugin, you'll be redirected to the set-up page and click on Let's Get Started!

In the second step, you need to select your SMTP provider. If your provider isn't listed, you can easily connect using SMTP Server credentials. For this, you need to select Other SMTP and enter the credentials of your SMTP server. You can able to find your SMTP Host, Port information on your SMTP Provider's website. (Or just reach us via live chat and we'll help you to find those information's).

In the next step, you need to enter your Host information or an API key. And after that, you just need to enter your Sender details like Sender name and email address. You can also be able to change it later.

If you have any questions or have any issues while setting up, please let us know and we'll help you to set up SMTP on your WordPress Site.

Happy Making!

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