Hello Makers,

If you want to migrate your previous server content to your new Plesk server, then this guide will help you to migrate your sites/accounts.

Currently, Plesk allows you to migrate your customer's accounts/reseller accounts/subscriptions from different control panels and yes, you don't need to pay for this.

  • You need to install the extension before starting the migration process. For this, log in to your Plesk server as a root/administrator and click on Extensions.

  • Now search for the Plesk Migrator and install the extension.

  • After installing the extension, click on Open.

  • On the next page, you need to click on Start a New Migration.

  • Here, you need to select your remote server control panel (Currently, you can able to migrate from Plesk, cPanel, Confixx, Direct Admin, and Pro Control Panel).

  • And you need to enter your remote server (previous server) credentials. Please make sure, that you're entering the correct root and server credentials.

  • Once you've entered the credentials, just click on Prepare Migration and the server will prepare for the migration and will show if you need to enable any modules, install extensions or if you don't have enough space on your new server to restore the server content, it'll show the error message.

  • And once the server has prepared the migration, it'll show the Customer accounts/Reseller accounts and subscription to select. You can able to select all the accounts or specific accounts to migrate, based on your needs!

  • Once you've selected the accounts to migrate, it'll take some time for the migration.

And that's it! Please feel free to contact us, if you've any further questions!

Happy Making!

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