Here, you can learn how to install WordPress on your main or subdomains.

First, you should log in to your control panel. And select the domain that where you want to install WordPress!

Now, click on the Install WordPress option under the domain.

Now, you'll be directed to another page to install WordPress. Here, you need to choose the domain name and enter some important details to Install WordPress!

Choose the domain correctly and if you want to install WordPress on a subdirectory (e.g. yoursite.com/here) you may enter the subdirectory path on the installation path, we recommend you to leave this field empty and WordPress will be installed on your domain's root directory. And don't forget to enter your site name, username, password, and email. And you can also choose the Plugins and Themes set if needed!

Move on to the next section, Database, and Update Settings.

Here, you may enter a custom database name and password. And you can also choose the plugins, themes, and core auto-updates, if needed.

And finally, click on the Install button once you've entered important credentials. And, that's it, you've installed WordPress on your domain successfully!

Happy Making!

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